Small Business Owners

Don’t Waste Your Money Creating a 'Brochure' Website That Just Talks About Your Business...

Get a Smart Website That Tells Your Visitors How YOU Provide 'The Solution' to Their Problem, & Let's Them Engage Immediately Via 2-Way Text.

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2 Things to Consider When Building a Website For Your Business.

#1. We see your business website as your business' top salesperson, NOT an online brochure trying to persuade visitors that your business is the one to choose...

Because your website is often the first contact/interaction your business has with potential clients, customers, or patients.

It's an opportunity to let visitors know that "your business" has the solution to the problem they want to solve, i.e., a reason to get in touch - "the first contact."

The average consumer will give your website about 7 seconds to either confirm to them that "they are in the right place to solve their problem"...

Or they go right back to the search engine page and visit 1 of your competitors to see if they can solve their problem.

#2. Your business website MUST make it EASY for prospects to ask a question and/or get more information QUICKLY...

The majority of consumers do NOT use email & prefer texting. And less than 20% are comfortable calling a business they do not know.
Your business will see a 2x to 10x increase in website sales by having 2-Way text on your website.