My vision is to be earth’s best resource for accurate and effortless marketing automation strategies.

Hello, my name is Mark Stafford, aka, Mark from Phoenix & here is a quick blurb about me so that you know I am not “just another crack-pot” on the web…

I have been building websites since 1996 and have been strategizing / building “online automated marketing funnels” since around 2012 when I was introduced to Infusionsoft (IS).

This led to me being blown away by IS so much, that I attended their training university down in Chandler AZ, just a short jaunt from Phoenix, and immediately became a consultant.

To be completely honest here, while I love IS, I also get frustrated because it is pretty darn complex, & I am sure I am not alone with these feelings.

It seemed that if I didn’t use the product for a few weeks, I found myself having to “read up” to make changes for my clients..

Anyways, I built out quite a few automated marketing funnels for businesses from 13 thru 16 using IS and a few other software systems I wanted to test, but was never completely happy with the platform(s).

Then in late 2016 I was introduced to Drip and everything came together for me.

I now work with small to medium sized businesses creating marketing automation systems to help them attract, nurture and close new customers from the internet.

The secret to success for your business?

Don’t sound like everybody else and stand out from the crowd.

Now is not the time to be lazy.

I hope you enjoy all the training on this website.

I want to share better knowledge with you for free than what other people charge for.

Contact me anytime if you need help.